OJ Simpson Framed Jan09


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OJ Simpson Framed

The Juice was the proud owner of a restaurant that had the proud distinction of being a money laundering front for notorious Japanese bad boys the Yakuza.  After the messy divorce, Nicole Brown won the restaurant and more then she was ready for .  Nicole appointed her lover and soon to be fellow murder victim  Ron Goldman as manager.  Greed and a healthy coke addiction was the nosy couples undoing, as once they started interfering with the operation they found their throats on the wrong side of a Ginsu.  

OJ made for the perfect Heisman winning patsie.  That added with the honorable presiding puppet of the Yakuza, Judge Ito, his fate was set.  Even though he was found not guilty because of the absurd case against him.  The attention drawn to the spectacle was enough to take the heat off of a very lucrative drug operation and into the fantasies of television watching America.